Hand painted pieces (unless otherwise noted) can be machine washed on a delicate setting with cold water or hand washed with tepid water and a gentle detergent. Do not put them in the dryer, flat or hang dry and iron gently when needed. 

Wool and silk pieces should be spot cleaned and when absolutely necessary hand washed with tepid (never hot) water and gentle detergent. These pieces can be dry cleaned but should never go in the washing machine. Coats can also be spot cleaned and or dry cleaned. 

It is important to me that these pieces be durable and wearable but please remember they are created by hand and still require some level of delicacy and care especially when cleaning. 

The more care we put into laundering all our favorite clothing (not just Fruits of Venus) the longer we can keep loving them. This podcast has been instrumental in re-evaluating my relationship to how I care for all my clothes and I highly recommend a listen! 

Contact me if you have any questions.